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I'm working on a novel, but the problem that i'm getting is that the novel basically only takes place in three settings, and it feels as though it's all repetitive, how would you suggest I change that or correct it?

Also, can I send an exerpt from my story to you for advice?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by saying it feels "repetetive."  Having only three settings shouldn't make a story feel that way, so it could be something else that is giving you this feeling.  Or perhaps you could explain exactly what makes you feel this.

You may email me the first chapter of your novel.  I would be happy to critique these pages for you.  But know that I will be looking at them no differently than an agent or publisher would, and will be brutally honest with you.

You may send them, as an attachment to an email, to mail@vincentmwales.com.

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