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How do you include some details about what a character looks like without stopping the story and giving a full description?  Especially in that character's POV, since in the novel I'm working on right now I've decided to limit myself to one viewpoint character.

Carissa...great question.  Basically there are three ways that I know of...

1 - the character can talk to him/herself.  
2 - the character can look in the mirror (not a great way)
3 - another person can comment on the character's looks.

so, let's say your character, a young woman, is getting dressed for a job interview... here are some simple examples of using the above three ways....

1 -(talking to herself)  "Let's see, what to wear?  I need to look professional so maybe the gray suit with a white blouse."

2 -(looking at herself)  "I look terrible.  Bags as big as my father's heavy suitcases. Damn. No amount of eye shadow will hide them."

3 - (another person commenting) "My god, Betty, what the hell happened to you. You look awful. Your hair needs cutting and that shade of lipstick makes you look like a hooker."

I hope that helps...let me know if need any further ideas.   Sue

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