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Mr. Wales,
   I understand the importance of showing that an evil character has redeeming qualities that can allow the reader to understand, relate, and even to hate the villain even more  (Who doesn't hate himself at on time or another?)  In this story that I am working on, however, the villain is Satan.  How do you accomplish this duality of the character when he is literally the embodiment of evil?  Will the attraction that the reader has for doing those things which we morally cannot be enough for the reader to find that connection?  Thank you very much for your time.


I'd need more information before I can answer your question.  You see, it really depends on the kind of story you're telling, and how you're presenting the characters in general.

What I mean is, if you're intending to present Satan as (as you put it) "literally the embodiment of evil," then you're really in a bad position.  Because such a character would, frankly, be boring as hell to read.  Pardon the pun.  Likewise, if you were making a character of the common conception of the Judeo-Christian deity (i.e., as literally the embodiment of goodness), he/she/it, too, would be dull as a doorknob.  Why?  Because these are Absolutes.  And Absolutes are no fun.

You state that you understand the importance of not having a character be an Absolute.  If so, then your Satan character really should NOT be "literally the embodiment of evil."  Not if you want him/her/it to be interesting, anyway.

But maybe this isn't what you have in mind.  Maybe your story could lend itself to a different sort of Satan, so to speak.  It's certainly been done before.  

So tell me what you've got in mind for the story, and maybe I can offer some suggestions.

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