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Hi.  My name is Beth and I want to write a book about Multiple Sclerosis and its affects on the average person.  I have had this disease for 8 years and would like to share my life before and after with people.  Would like to touch on other subjects in the book also.  Like the way animals have helped me. And the fact that things can always be worse.  I would like to write this book to maybe answer some of people questions about the disease as so many people have no idea about it and what it does.  Willing to write about the good bad and the ugly.  I have so many ideas that I want to share. Thank you for your time. Beth  

Dear Beth,
Thank you for your letter. It sounds like a worthwhile probject to help yourself and others. It's always good to get your thoughts down on paper. Authors usually see the book in a vision at first, but the hard part is getting it to come down from your mind onto paper. The best book to help you do this is "Writing the Natural Way.." You can see the book at Amazon by clicking on the book cover at my page for writers:
Use the techniques described in the book to start writing. Just write whatever you want in the first draft, then later you can start to edit it and change it to match your original idea. Working with a first draft is easier than trying to pull the ideas directly from your mind, so whatever you write in the first draft will help you later.
I have also posted an article on how to find a publisher. Once you have written the first draft, start to work on a book proposal and start researching the types of publishers who are looking for a book like yours.
Keep in mind that you have to do it for love, because writing books is not the easiest way to get rich.
I hope this helps. Write back any time.
Best to you,

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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