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For the past five years I've been doing a church ministry to college students via creative mailed items with catchy themes (ie: toothpaste wrapped in a paper wrapper with the message "If you want teeth you can soak in a dish, don't brush or floss and you'll get your wish") and also weekly email trivia with a christian theme. People tell me that my writings are catchy and carry a relevant message to college kids via humor and creativity.  I've got 85 students on my database so I'm personally maxed out but would like to put my ideas out there for others to use. I'd really like to publish a workbook of reproducible pages so that other churches could use it for a mailing ministry. I have no idea how to go about this. I tried sending a cover letter and sample items to Cook Publishing and Group Publishing but both came back with kind refusal letters. I think I've developed something that doesn't fit any of the existing and usual niches of christian ministry. Need some ideas please! Thank you.

I'm not sure how this would fit into a publisher's collection, but I think you might find more success if you self published and marketed it yourself to churches. You can do this by actually self publishing a book, by creating a product that is easily created on demand using Kinkos, or, by creating a downloadable PDF document that you sell on line (that would be my recommendation).

Also, I think you might want to include in this project, ways that a congregation can provide support for this ministry. Obviously as you know, an individual can't be expected to bear the cost and the execution of this program. perhaps you could offer options for how that might work better.

Hope that helps. I really do think you are better off with a do-it-yourself approach on this one.  

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