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I'm a newspaper reporter with a year of graduate school experience and 6 months of daily reporting. I've been covering a story that I think would make a great book. To write it I feel like I would need to cover the story full time, leaving my job. That means I would have to line up some funding for the book to get it done. Is it reasonable to believe I can do that? How should I proceed?  

That's a big question so I'll give you a few different answers. :)

One: If you think this is book-worthy, write a proposal and start submitting it to publishers who typically take this kind of work. Perhaps (and that is a BIG perhaps) you'll get an advance that will allow you to work on the book without working. (There's a lot of info about this on my site trying to sell you anything, don't worry!)

Two: If you would need to cover the story full time, then it sounds like you don't know how it will end. How can you be sure it's book-worthy? (I'm just asking that since I don't know the subject matter. I understand that certain events could be book-worthy from day one no matter how they turn out).

Three: Can you have the best of both worlds by working part time to support your work on the book?

Four: Find an organization that would feel the same way you do about your book and partner with them for financing. As far as funding in general, this would be the angle to take rather than going to a bank (unless you don't have school loans and do have collateral).

Five: Apply for grants. There are many available to people working on projects that match the donors interests.

Six: If you are still in grad school, could you parlay this book into a project or thesis?

Seven: What I hear most from authors is: do what you love, the money will follow. Unfortunately, you and I both know, you can't take that to the bank or use it to pay off college loans.

I hope those ideas help! Please keep me posted. I don't know if you can see an email address on your end of this interface, but you can reach me directly at  

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