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Dear Mr. Roth,

For two years, I have had what I consider a great idea for a fiction novel.  I have never written a book before and would like your advice on where to start and what to expect.  I do write a monthly newsletter (4 pages) that is sent to 25,000 readers. That is for my company and it is the extent of my writting experience.

Thank you in advance.  

Dear Mr. Lynch:

Sorry I took so long to answer - numerous deadlines in the last two days.

Now then, about your question; it is an involved question requiring an involved answer.  I cannot give you the proper answer (which is as long as a short book) in the format box that AllExperts allows us to use.

Here's the work-around; go to my web site,  From there you can email me and I will respond with a step by step set of seven lessons or chapters which discuss all phases of writing a book.  I will send it to you as a standard Microsoft Word attachment.  I will do this for free because you came to me via the AllExperts portal.  Write, "AllExpert Request" in your subject line and jog my memory in the email.

Max Roth, Executive Editor
The Success Trust Literary Family
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