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I just started writing the other day, out of nowhere.  I have never tried to before, but the words just flowed like water.  I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings and Tolken.  I only have about five pages so far, but it just keeps pouring out of me. it is about a village way back when.  Marl Ston is the main character, I just made him up, along with about ten other characters.  It is about a village fighting to survive against evil in the dark forest all around. it starts with Marl childhood and progresses from there. It is starting to turn magical and mysterious in the ways of wizards and goblins.  But yet straying far from the story by Tolken. My question to you is why did this happen to me, and is it good, or am i just waisting my time.  like i said, it just pours out it pages at a time, its like ciggarets, but i miss out on job opportunities and my life.  I want to write it because every day it grows on me, but on the same token i dont want to waste my time... what do you think?

Dear Mat:

So there's a book coming at you - that's wonderful! It sounds as though you are having a good time with it, and that is the whole idea.

Who knows why we are inspired to write? Something builds in us and through writing we give it expression. I don't at all think writing is a waste of time. You can have a great deal of fun with it. It's very relaxing, and it satisfies something deep inside that wants to shout, "Here I am!" It's great escapism - and there's nothing wrong with escapism - everyone needs to escape now and then, and writing is a lot better than television. It is challenging and also satisfying when you look at a paragraph or a page and say to yourself, "I don't think anyone could have done a better job than that." The opportunities to improve it are almost legion, so many that you can get caught in that like quicksand - improving and improving and improving every day, and never finishing - you must not let yourself get caught in that trap! Probably the best thing about writing is that it teaches you to think. Stories have their own logic and once you have figured that out, you can apply it to many of life's problems and come out a winner. Also, as you get to know your characters, you will come to care about them, just as a reader will if you decide to share it, and that is most rewarding.

So lay aside your misgivings, and take up your writing instrument with joy, knowing you are embarking on a tremendous adventure. If you look at the business end of a pencil and think about what all can come out of there, you will see that writing is a most powerful thing. Once it grabs you, it may be hard to get loose.

I hope this has helped. If it has, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my 95% rating over nearly 200 questions!

And good luck with your book!  

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