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I have an idea about a book. I have written a few poems but not much else. I see a need and want to fill it! I love to talk and write expressivley and would like to know how to start the process.  

Most publishers will want to see a prospectus before committing to handle your project.  The typical prospectus consists of two to three chapters, a chapter outline and a market analysis -- an estimate of anticipated sales.

Your first step logically would be to produce the equivalent of three chapters.  Then, I'd ask prospective publishers for copies of their prospectus guideliness and proceed as they specify.

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How to get published. I`ve written eight books, edited a ninth, and have published more articles in business and professional journals than I care to remember. I`m in process of working with an agent at the moment on several non-academic books


Three university degrees, eight published books, more periodical and newspaper articles than I can remember. And I've two more books in development.

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