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My biggest problem is starting a book.  I know EXACTLY what I want to happen.  I'm starting a book now about a guy whoe falls in love with someone he cannot have.  It's in first person and I have most of it planned out and will probably be fine once I get started.  It's just I never can start a book.  I always used to wish that the first chapter was always already written.  LOL.  Any tips to start?

Hi Brandon,

A really interesting problem!  Of course this is what happens to every writer - with every book. The secret is simply to write and keep writing. Don't worry if your characters take you to places you do not expect as that is the best way do developing your plot.  

If you plan a book like a military exercise it will not come alive for the reader, but if you become involved in all the twists and turns, it will turn into a much better book.

Yes, decide how you want the book to start, but then simply let it flow... surprise yourself!

If you spend a lot of time developing the characters first, that will also help as who and what they are will guide decisions about their fate. The more you know your characters before you start, the easier it is.

Good luck.  

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