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What are the steps to writing a book?  A simple check list or what?  Is it any different than writing an english term paper?  In the area of christian help books and or novels (Fiction.)

Hello, R.E. !

You remind me of a conversation I once had with a heart surgeon.  We met at a social gathering and the doctor asked my profession.  When I told him I was an editor and writer, his response was, "Really?  You know, I'm on vacation soon, for about three months.  I was kicking around the idea of writing a book."
I mentioned to him that I too was planning my vacation and was "...kicking around the idea of performing a heart bypass procedure, or maybe two."

An English term paper, a non-fiction self-help book built on a religious foundation, and a fictional novel have six elements in common - they use words, they require research, time, focus, and dedication to craft, and they require a period of training in that particular venue; no "...simple check list or what..." exists.

I would like to help you get started in the most valuable direction with the least expense and shortest time invested.  However, even to do this is far too involved for this small All Experts dialogue box.  

Please email me from my web site at and create the subject line "All Experts ref/Power of the Word."  I will forward you an email attachment of my lessons/lectures which consist of seven basic steps to writing a novel, short story, or screenplay.  This is free - no strings attached, and it will provide you with a solid foundation to begin your project.

Best of luck,
Youngbear Roth, Executive Editor  

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