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i am a very green author... of mostly auto biographical writing that hasn't even been sent to a publisher... what and how are some ways to extract fiction out of real life situations... and make it ... publisher worthy...

Hello Krissina:

First, I would like you to put aside all thoughts and worries about whether your writing is or will be "Publisher worthy" - it may be years before your writing is ready to be published. Instead, let's concentrate on getting your writing to be as good as it can be NOW.

If you wish to turn your life experiences into fiction, I would advise you to write about them as non-fiction, just for yourself. Call these writings your "Notes." Choose events that aroused deep emotion in you. The old adage, "Reach way, way down to where it hurts, and write about that" is excellent advice. The one thing that allows all people to connect is emotion, so make sure you get a lot in your notes.

Once you have written about these events, you have a "story bank" with lots of material in it. This is as good as money in a real bank! To this you can add bits and pieces of material from newspapers, magazines, your friends and family - anything you come across can be woven into fiction. Just keep filling your notes out until you feel you have enough.

At some point you may see a pattern emerging - "Hey, this is mostly about good/bad choices I made and what I should have done instead!" This is what you are looking for - the All-Important Premise. The premise will guide you in structuring your book, keeping you on track and ensuring that your work will "mean something," and be valuable to other people.

If you are interested in learning more about writing, I will invite you to visit my website at  http://www.creativewriting.allinfoabout.com (You will have to cut and paste as this site does not support hyperlinks). It's not quite finished yet but more will be added to it in the days ahead, so bookmark it please!

And by all means, come back when you have more questions.

I hope this helps. If it does, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my high score over 480 questions.

And good luck with your writing!  

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