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Hello..i am new to book writing, in a sence thatim writing my first on right now. I was just wondering in wht order story should progress and how many climaxes would be to many to involve in my story. Also along the same line of questioning, how many is to many plots with inner-lying characters.

Thanks for the help.
        Roman Mamed

Dear Mr. Mamed:

I see from your question that English is not your native language.  It is a difficult language and takes patience to learn, however, I am certain that you will master it and I encourage you to continue with your study.

Unfortunately, at this time in your learning process, I can see that you are nowhere near being able to write a book or even a short story.  Your language skills simply are not practiced enough for you and I to have a meaningful communication about the art of writing a book.  I do not wish to discourage you, although, I do want to be honest.

Best of luck with your study of English and I hope someday I will read a published work by Mr. Roman Mamed.

Youngbear Roth, Executive Editor
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