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I am writing a synopsis of my novel (which I call light sci-fi) but the plot is complex with many characters being underhand. I feel the synopsis cannot portray the story well - and without knowing the full story the synopsis makes it sound 'silly'. Any ideas to improve this?  


Try focusing your synopsis only on the protagonist's story.  You don't need to explain the complexities of the plot/subplot(s) in a synopsis.  Remember, it's just a general overview.

Writing a synopsis is hard work.  But you can ease the pain of it by taking it in little pieces.  First, you need to put together a bare bones outline of what happens in your story, chapter by chapter.  Focus again only on the major events that really matter to the main storyline, not the minor stuff.

Once you've got that, you need to breathe some life into it.  You've got to make it snappy and enticing.  And you'll do this the same way you do it to any other piece of writing.  You just have to be more restrained with it.  Make it exciting, but remember you're only summarizing.

Oh, and you probably know this already, but a synopsis should be done in the present tense, e.g., "After the robbery, Bob returns to the precinct where he types up all the paperwork."

Hopefully this will help you a bit!

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