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I have written a book, but I am not sure about the synopsis format and length. The book is 65,000 words. Could you give me information on what the synopsis should contain, and its length? When I looked at synopsis examples online, why did they look differently from one another? Is there a standard format?

Thank you.

Good evening Demetrius!

Everyone wishes there was a standard format but really there are only guidelines.  A good proposal needs to do the following things in the order they're listed:

1.  Introduce and describe your protagonist.  And by describe I don't mean a detailed physical description.  Use three adjectives that convey your protagonist's personality.  For example:  Stubborn, shy and warm hearted, Joe Smith faces the worst day of his life.

2.  Then, tell what it is that your protagonist lacks or wants and how far he/she would go to get it.  This is his/her motivation.

3.  Introduce and describe the antagonist.

4.  Introduce the conflict which is usually that the antagonist wants the same thing the protagonist wants and they both can't have it.  This can range anywhere from getting the girl next door or retrieving a missing nuclear bomb.

5.  Then give a compelling telling (active verbs, strong adjectives)of the major plot line concentrating on all the obstacles your protagonist must over come along the way.  And, be sure to include how the book ends.  The editor/agent you're pitching it to will need to know that it has a satisfactory ending.

6.  I don't know what type of novel you've written but at a length of 65,000 words you have five to ten pages to do all of the above and I would strongly advise keeping it as close to five as is inhumanly possible.  You'll feel like you can't get it any shorter, but you always can.

It's great that you're working on a synopsis.  Just make sure that you check the submission guidelines for whatever publisher or agent you want to pitch this book to.  Most want only a query letter in the first round.

I do offer critique and edit services for a proposal synopsis, as do others.  You can check me out at the web site below.

Good luck!  If I can answer any other questions, feel free to contact me here at All Experts again.

Liz Aleshire

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