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I have completed a novel and have wrestled with possibilites on how to publish.  I have found it overwhelming.  The piece is finished and edited by someone I consider an expert.  I was set on self-publishing but have been turned off by some of them.  It is still very much a possibility for me though.  I have completely designed a cover myself.  I even took the photo that appears on the cover.
What I am having a problem with is the overwhelming steps in finding a publisher.  Do I pitch my book to big publishers?  Will I be taken seriously?  Or do I self-publish?  Honestly, I do not have the money to self-publish.  I also have been researching the topics under my concern.  Can you give me advice on all of this.  Sorry my message is a bit scattered.

Thanks for the question.  Publishers are overwelmed with projects from people but there is always a chance that someone may take an interest but the odds are tough.  Self publishing is a good way to go to see if your book has legs and there is interest and the investment is low.  Plus it gives you the opportunity to polish your book and see if there is interest.  Dan Poynter's book on self publishing is the best and John Kremer on marketing is also the best.  If I can be of further help let me know.

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