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Hello, Mr. Roth

Say there is a story within a story. For example, a character writes many pages or writes a story or something in my book.
Should what the character has written be put in a different type style than the rest of the book?
How is this handled? Or could it be in the same type as the rest of the book?

Right now, I have 60,000 words.

Thanks again for your expert assistance.

Hello Demetrius!

Good to hear from you.  About type styles:

The accepted type for professional manuscript submissions to an agent or publisher is Courier New #12.

Within that format, if you wish to set a section off or aside, you will not change the type - you will change the margins for that section.  For example you might wish to indent your left margin an extra few pica points.  

Also, sections within a chapter can be set off by skipping two double-spaced lines.  The method for this is to skip one double-spaced line.  Next, insert three *** centered.  Next, skip another double-spaced line.  The centered *** are a signal to the editor and the printer that the extra line spaces were done on purpose.

My best!
Youngbear Roth, Executive Editor
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