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Yes il do the second one but you havnt answered my questions:
1) How do u personaly get out of writers block
2) How do i make my writing more proffessional  

Yes I know i had to know the first bit though.

If you are doing a draft copy then do not expect it to be a masterpiece it will be very rough as you have not planned out where you are going but it can still work. after you have finished it then proof read it and make improvements. I must warn you that you will find large difficulties with this meathod as you wont know the content of the story and will take a very long time. While you are writing it I suggest you make small notes of where you need to improve.

To get out of writers block it may depend on the character, in which case I suggest you make sure you know your characters well and make short stories containing an event with the character in it, you do not need to include it in your actual book.
If it is the plot then you need to take a break from writing and just spend a bit of time to go over it in your mind.
A useful tip i find for writers block is writing early in the morning because you can; use ideas from your dreans and for some reason the ideas seem to flow better.

As for making the writing professional, try reading a book or two in your books genre and take notes on their style of writing.
Another helpful tip is to practise using proper grammar and using capitals in any writing you do, in school/work, in a diary or even on MSN!

I hope this helps and goog luck!

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I will answer any questions young writers and first-time writers have about writing a book of any genre. The questions may include: how to keep the writing flowing, how to make it sound professional or another style and how to be creative with the writing and develop characters. Or anything else they might of found difficulties in.


i have written many books and i have picked up a lot of tips from others and learned things myself from my writing.

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