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i'm confused. Most websights say that the average word count for a novel is 50,000- 100,000, but other's say it's 75,000. I am a brand new writers, and I don't want to write to many words, and then have to tone it down. what's the best word count for a first time author? Is the count different for someone who is wrtiing for young adult- teens?


This is a rather subjective question, because different people have different opinions about such things.  There isn't any set rule regarding length.

Any of the above numbers would "work" for a novel, I suppose.  But honestly, 50,000 words is a mighty short novel.  I've heard that the average is 90,000, but again, who's to say that's correct?

ABSOLUTELY different genres have typically different average lengths of books.  I have no idea what YA books average, but your best bet is to go to a bookstore, compare ten or twelve books in the genre, and estimate the word count.  (The quick and dirty way to do this is to count the number of lines on an average page, multiply that by the number of words on an average line, and then multiplying by the number of pages.)

You're right to be concerned about word count.  Many publishers are unwilling to publish anything they consider "long" by a previously-unknown author.

Hope this helps.

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