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Hope you are doing better. What you said about word length made a lot of sense to me.

Anyway, I am at about 65,000 words and you said it should be 75,000. What should I do-- expand it? I worried that doing so might make things drag.

I would appreciate any comments.
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It's rare that you'll ever want to add length to a manuscript.  Editing generally consists of shortening a work.  So no, I would not feel compelled to add anything to it, unless you feel there's something missing with your story.  

Maybe you should consider going in the other direction... tighten it up enough to make it a (long) short story.

Follow up: No, I wanted specifically to write a novel Is my word length okay. That is, would the length be acceptable to publishers or cause a problem?


Honestly, it's hard to say.  My gut feeling is most publishers would think it's a bit short for a novel.  90,000 would be more in line with their ideas.

However, what you should do is check out a copy of Writer's Market.  All the publishers in the book will list their preferences, and many of them will include word count preferences.

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