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I have come through alot. However ,I cannot find my experience anywhere. What makes mine uniqe is that I am an only child,african-american and female. I have had a life of emotional turmoil non-stop. I never had anyone to share my life our pain. My parents never cared, I had no siblings, Everyone hurt me. Until I became aquainted with the Holy Spirit about 1 yr ago. I was on anti-dpressants,anxiety pills,seeing a threpist,and saw suicied as an alternative to living my life another day. It gave me an option. Now that I walk daily with God,he has given me a new nature and he uplifts my spirit. I still have the same past and sames problems. I have new harder problems. However,when thoughts of suicide tempt me God's presence wells up stronger and more victorious in me. He keeps me sane and moving. I have so much to say about how I have got here. I have so much to say about where I feel he is taking me. Being an only child leaves you with nobody to identify with. Most only children had parents to love them or knew how to maintain friendships. I made no friends. People hurt me to much. My parents did not love me. My mother does no like me much even now. I would like to know how do I start a book like that.  

First,start with the mechanics of collecting data. Create a timeline system you can use to keep track of things you remember or what to record. I'd recommend index cards with numbered tabs for each year of your life.

The easiest place to start recording is with locations---where you were born, where you lived and when.This will give you a context for other details that are important, and likely help you remember some things you've forgotten.

Now, record things that remember happening at each of those locations, as well as major milestones that define your life. (Births, deaths, divorces etc)

Next, think about those locations and milestones and record any major happenings that impacted you--- could be anything from a broken leg, to a best friends you had, a teacher you really connected with etc. This is where the color and depth starts to make the facts of your autobiography more interesting.

Tie it all together, find out what was going on in history at the time. What major world events, national events, local events were going on during the different times in your life. Were you aware of them at the time? How did they make you feel?

Once you've collected all of this information, you can  begin writing using the information you've organized and connecting it to your religious transformation. By including facts as well interesting information about your world at the time and then overlaying it onto what was going on in the world, you should create something really engaging.

If you have time, try reading parts of different autobiographies out there to get a feel for their tone. Most are conversational. You could even think about writing your life as though you are writing a "story". A great example of this is "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou. It reads like a fiction novel yet is her very compelling life story.

I suggest you visit some  Christian publisher's websites and read some of what they feature. Not only will this help you find your true niche---what truly makes your story different from all of the others in the-- in the marketplace, it will also show you how similiar books are structured.

I hope that helps!

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