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i dont know what to do it is a book based on my memories that i have and my life. i have always been lucky with things that happen in my life have showen the 100 or so pages to a few people and have only had positive feedback saying it was great, but they are my friends. i would love to be able to find some help when i get it done i have always wanted to direct movies and not only want to make it a book but make it a movie if i feel it's good enough. i dont settle for 2ed best so it will be very good what should i do to find help.i want to suceed with this it will be the 1st step in many that i want to take in my life that will make me feel good about what i have done. please any advice would be great thanks

Dear Chad,
Thank you for your letter. I certainly encourage you to take the next step and complete your writing. At my site I have posted a page for writers, see:
Check out the Fiction Writer's Workshop that can help you transform your autobiographical stories into novel form. My book was autobiographical and made a good story too. Some of us just go through a lot in life and need to tell others about it from our own point of view.
Also check out the good writing books link. There are many good books out there that describe the process of bringing a story to book form, then into print.
Another good way to go about it is to join a writing class or writers group, because working together, people can encourage each other to get things done.
I hope this helps,

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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