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Dear Kristal,
I am a senior in high school and currently trying to begin a book for a few friends for graduation presents. I am having the hardest time with this. I want to write a fictional book about the importance of friendship beginning with kindergarten. If you can please help me. I will be forever grateful.
Thank You.
Crista Hamman

Hey Crista,
I'll be happy to help. Tell me how I can do this for you didn't give me much about what you need help with.
I guess for starters I'll give you the advice I give all the other writers I know: Write as if no one else is ever going to read your work, but edit as if the whole world will. Don't ever judge or compare what you've written to others either. I don't know whether you are a new writer, but new writers do tend to have bad cases in self-doubt and lack of motivation because they compare themselves too much with other writers. You just have to find the voice you are comfortable with and write using the knowledge you do have.

I know how hard it is writing during the last year of high school so I'll be glad to help and offer my time for draft proof-reading and suggestions. If there is other things I can help you with, don't hesitate to mention it.


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