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If a person writes a book using a "pen name" will the author always remain anonymous? Also, how can the author have the rough copy edited or get opinions of other people before it is copywrited without the risk that someone else will copy it and have it copywrited and published beforehand? Thanks

Hello - if you use a pen name you will always remain anonymous to your readers but your real name will be known to the publishers as 1. they will probbaly meet you; 2. you may be required to have your full and real name mentioned in the contract and you will need to divulge your real name so roylaties can be paid to you via cheque or deposit to your bank account.

Your typescript is automatically copyright. It is copyright as soon as it is created. If it is stolen or reproduced without your authority, you would be able to take legal action. You should note, however, that ideas alone are not subject to copyright.

I hope this helps, and good luck for your proeject!

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