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If a person writes a book using a "pen name" will the author always remain anonymous? Also, how can the author have the rough copy edited or get opinions of other people before it is copywrited without the risk that someone else will copy it and have it copywrited and published beforehand? Thanks

Yes, a pseudonym is fairly "safe."  If you want it to be, that is.  How many people knew that books by Richard Bachman were actually by Stephen King until he wanted people to know?

On the other hand, if someone wants to find out who an author is badly enough, there are ways.  So a pseudonym isn't airtight.

As for your copyright question... your work is copyrighted as soon as you put it on paper.  You might be thinking of the copyright registration process, which is when you take copies of the final work (and for a book, that means a published copy) and send it (and money) to the government.  But that's just to register the copyright, not to establish it.

Do not worry about editors or anyone stealing your work and trying to publish it.  This has happened VERY few times in the past, and in this age, it's almost unheard of.  It's simply too easy to prove you wrote something and sue the hell out of the other person.  Most of us can, for example, show computer files dating back a long time on something we've been writing.  

Truthfully, I wouldn't lose a minute's sleep worrying about this.

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