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I am creating my own personal fantasy world, and I am going to start writing novels based off my world.  I emailed wizards of the coast, for a chance to prove myself and if so hopefully get signed on as a permanent writer for them.  There website is www.tsr.com
and I was hoping for advice, on creating my world, or writing the novels, or explanation on how the process will probably go after one is written or something like that.
and What my chances might be of making it as a writer.  of fantasy and science fiction books.

Thanks for the question.  My suggestion is that you write your book keep if between 256 and 300 pages and submit it to a few folks for comment or self publish and sell it yourself there is plenty of info at www.parapublishing.com for beginning writers. Also consider writing groups which you can find usually at the library.  Good luck and let me know if I can help further.

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