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I am creating my own personal fantasy world, and I am going to start writing novels based off my world.  I emailed wizards of the coast, for a chance to prove myself and if so hopefully get signed on as a permanent writer for them.  There website is www.tsr.com
and I was hoping for advice, on creating my world, or writing the novels, or explanation on how the process will probably go after one is written or something like that.
and What my chances might be of making it as a writer.  of fantasy and science fiction books.

Hello, West!

I have a story to tell you today.  It involves a party I went to the other evening.  One of the guests I met was a cardiac surgeon.  He asked me what I do and I mentioned that I am a literary professional, and that I wear several different hats - one of them as a writer and author.  He then said something that shocked me, "I will be vacationing soon, for about three months, and I thought I might knock out a novel.  What do you think?"

After I put my eyes back in my head, I gave him a short answer, "You know, I too will be taking a few months off this summer and I thought I might perform a heart by-pass operation or maybe even two."

Of course, he got the message.

So, anyway, this is how the process works:

1) You go to school and take literature classes, creative writing classes, English usage and grammar classes, and then classes in your chosen field of interest - for you that would probably be mythology.  This is a heavy load, and on top of that load you must do a lot of reading on your own, and a lot of writing.  You will want to begin by writing short stories to learn plot and character and environment, theme, subtext, and story concept.  You will want to study and write poetry to learn word cadence and usage.  You will want to study and write stage or screen plays to learn the three-act structure that all drama is based upon, and to learn to sustain conflict and tension in dialogue.

2) Now you are ready to write and submit what we call 'calling card' pieces to various journals and magazines that deal with your chosen subject of fantasy and fiction.  After you have published anywhere from ten to fifty pieces, you may feel you are ready to write a novel.

3) Now you must study the history of the novel and how it is written.  More writing classes that specialize in book length fiction.

4) Join a writers' group so you can network at conferences and gatherings for writers (keep working on your resume' and your novel).

5) When your novel is completed - with or without an agent - you will want to submit it to fantasy book publishers.  While you are doing this you will want to study contract law because you may be acting as your own agent, or if you have an agent, you need to know how to read their contract as well as the publisher's contract.

6) If you get very lucky, you will be offered a publishing contract.  This means that you will have to rewrite the manuscript that you have already rewritten twenty times over the last two years - but this time the rewrite must meet with the publisher's approval.

As you requested, this is a short explanation on how the process works - I left many elements out.  I do not mean to discourage you.  I can tell you that after putting in the years of hard labor and giving up your family and social life to the life of a writer, to have your first book published is like a dream come true.  

West, this is how it goes for the vast majority of authors.  Rarely, a housewife will sit at her kitchen table and pen a first novel without any background or education as a writer (Harry Potter) and strike it rich!  But this is very rare, almost unheard of - still, not impossible.

I am being genuine and realistic with you.  After reading your inquiry, I noted that you cannot spell, and that you honestly cannot write a decent sentence.  I don't believe you have what it takes.  

All of this being said, if you have what it takes to be a professional writer, you will be more determined than ever to prove me wrong (I sincerely hope you do!)

Youngbear Roth

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