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I am putting my testimony or life story into book form and I would like to know how many words would be normal for this type of boo, from the minimum to the maximum. I can probably write on and on but I am a christian and I dont want to over glorify my wayward past life to much.

Dear Friend,
Thanks for your question. When you start off writing about your life, write as many pages as you want. Get a pen and notebook or open a file on the computer, whichever is more comfortable for you. An average book is 150 to 300 pages, but do not constrict yourself to any particular length. Writing about your own life is great therapy, so let it all pour out onto paper. You can always cut it down later. If you write a few hours a week, you can probably finish in six months.
There are two phases to writing your story. The first is to write everything out as you remember it and that is called a memoir. Having a memoir is good for future generations of your family because they will have a chronicle of your life and it will tell them a lot about themselves, since they're your genetic descendents.
If you want to share your story with a larger audience, then you need to take it to the next level, and that means making it more like a novel. This can be tricky and time consuming. You will need a plot, characters, scenes, dialogue, etc. It may also be difficult to sell. At my page for writers I have posted the Fiction Writer's Workshop:
How ever you decide to do it, you need to start with writing your memories.
I hpoe this helps. Feel free to write back if you want to discuss further.

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