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I have prepared several pages of a cookbook I would like to have printed.  Can you please tell me the steps I would need to take to do so.  Who do I contact?  How do I prepare my book to make it most appealing?  There are a million cookbooks out there I would like mine to stand out, of course.
Do I present my book on disc, and in what format?
I would appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you.  Phyllis Catapano

Thanks for the question.  First you need to finish your cookbook.  Then you can put it on a disk and present it someone like us either in MS Word, Quark or Pagemaker or a similar print application.  I would suggest that you go with a trim size of 7X9 or 7X10 with a cover and Wire-O binding.  In general look at the books that you may have or like and model yours after the others.  

You will have to decide on how you want to sell your book and focus on a few markets.  These may be gift stores, fund raisers until you get some feedback on how your book is doing.  Start out small maybe 100 copies so you can get a feel on how people like it.  The tough part is selling if you can't sell the book or others can't you can give them away as gifts and not be out a ton of money.

Good luck and let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Tom Campbell

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