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i was wondering if it is ok to write a book while still in high school and if you will be taken seriously by publishers.

It's certainly a possibility, Zandy.

Recently, a book titled ERAGON, by Christopher Paolini, hit the big time.  Christopher began writing this book at the age of 15, when he graduated high school.  Now, that's pretty young to graduate.  Clearly, Chris is an exceptional kid.  And from what I hear, his writing's pretty good (I haven't read it).

That, you see, is the real issue.  It's not your age.  It's how good the finished product is.  The truth is, almost no one of high school age has learned enough about the craft of writing (or knows it instinctually) to be able to turn out a really good novel.  I certainly didn't.  For that matter, I didn't learn the craft even by majoring in writing in college.  In retrospect, I think I wasted my time taking fiction writing classes in school.  None of my professors taught me much that's really important.  I had to learn all that on my own.

That's good news for you, actually.  Because you have access to the same resources: books by real writers.  I'd strongly recommend picking up some of the best writing books out there.  A good way to do this is to check out the Writer's Digest Book Club.  They've got a wonderful selection.  (Their magazine isn't bad, but I don't really read it.  The book club, though, I love.)

Hope that helps!

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