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Writing Books/writing books on palaces,castle and manors, with emphasis on thier architectural elements


I would like to write a series of books on architectural elements, such as doors, windows, gate, wall decor etc.. these books will have lots of picture and drawings for referance . Another series of books will be formal garden- the where,what and why. you are the first person I've contacted. I will be going to europe for about 6 mth. these books will be resource books for those ready to build a palace, castle or manor (lol). So much of our historical knowlege of arch. is being lost and forgotten. Guestion- where to begin? P.S. I,m 46 and semi-retired and have a lot of time. Thanks Tom

First, read Mortal Lessons by Richard Selzer (he's a retired surgeon; he spells "selzer" without a "t").
That's a series of articles about parts of the body.
He writes so well that his essay on dull subjects like that were first published by magazines like Playboy.
Yes, research like crazy; but if you want an audience, work on your style (with Selzer as a model).
Another modern stylist to read and learn from: Alain de Botton, in particular "The Art of Travel", "The Consolations of Philosophy", and "How Proust Can Change Your Life".
Lively, engaging writing about every topic imaginable.
Good luck.

Richard Seltzer,,,

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