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How about working for your company, where do I get the necessary experience to qualify, and how many years would I need, I could use being a freelancer as experience if I get enough jobs can't I, let me know, thanks.

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No professional experience, but I have done it personally for over 10 years.  I proofread and edit my own stuff.  And being a typist just comes natural, to be able to type you only need to be able to high a high word per minute.  I type 120 words per minute with almost perfect accuracy when I am concentrating, and once I type a few days my accuracy will increase.

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I want to run my own business out of my own home writing for people.  Like writing anything, if they need a book written, a specific genre, or anything.  A novel they need writen, an ad, a skit, a movie script, a song, you know I want to do a little of everything.  Also writing term papers for college students, writing things for people that need them typed out, or something related to data entry whenever I can find it, I want this to be my work at home business, everything out there seems like scams this could be a service I offer.  But I need ideas as how to advertise this, if someone even maybe needed certain papers typed or anything and everything related to typing, or writing, or editing, or proofreading, how would I word my ad to get the maximum amounts of results, can you give me a few ideas, or other tips or anything that might be useful.  I type 120 words per minute with almost perfect accuracy, so that shouldn't be a problem with speed.  And also help me with pricing, for writing things, how much should I charge per page or should I find another way to charge, thanks for the advice I really appreciate it in advance.
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What experience do you hold that will allow you to do these things professionally?
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I see. Well, I was going to offer you a job with my company but you don't have any professional experience so that will not be possible.

As for advertising, you may want to list your services as editing/ghost writing and advertise in your local paper as well as anywhere you can afford. Since you do not have profesional experience and most people are going to expect this, you will not be able to charge professional prices. I would not suggest charging over $1.00 per page for editing. As for ghostwriting, I can't help you with pricing in this department because we charge a great deal for these services -- which you will again not be able to do.

I hope this helps in some way.
Best wishes.

Well, all of my people have college degress and or experience of some sort. If you would like to work with my company as a ghost writer in the future, I would consider it, provided the position is still available.

Nonetheless, take some college courses in the literary field. Creative writing is a must. Get some degress behind you. If you have a natural flare for this, it won't take you long to excell. As a ghost writer for my company, you will be eligible for thousands of dollars per job.

Contact me again when you have the proper professional skills and we will talk.

Thank you for your interest. I hope to hear from you again in the future.

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