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I am writing a book about my life. But i can't seem to end it. I just keep going and going. I am at the point where I have everything I wanted since I was little. So should I just end it there?  
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When writing an autobiography, it's not a bad idea to think of it as you would a fictional story.  In a fictional story, the story ends after a big event that typically involves some sort of character change... some sort of growth that profoundly affects his/her life.

With an autobiography, remember that you want the ending to really stay with the reader.  This can be accomplished in several different ways, and of course, the ending can be happy, unhappy, a little of both... it can be philosophical, funny, etc.  It all depends on what you're "going for" with the whole thing.

If you are able to "keep going and going" with the thing, and if what you're continuing to add is something people will want to read, then there's no reason to stop just for the sake of stopping.  Later on, you can always delete things.  And it's much easier to remove things than to add them later.

Congratulations, by the way, on getting to a point where you've gotten everything you've wanted since childhood!

Hope this has helped.

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