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I plan to start writing specialized travel guides.  Now that I have decided to start I don't know what progame I should write on in order to be efficient.  I'll need text, illustrations, photos, maps, as well as maps that are removable from my book.  I'm sure that this may be thinking to far ahead, but i'm concerned about what sort files I will be sending to a printer.

robby ellingson

Thanks for the question.  We have printed a few travel quides for our customers and there are a couple of ways to go.  With regard to software applications Quark, Pagemaker and Photoshop are a few of the regular programs that printers use accross the board however they are Pagemaker and Quark are expensive and have a high learning curve unless you have someone who can help.  A lower learning curve is MS Publisher and MS Word with Photoshop.  Make sure you know how to create a PDF or Print Document Format.   Most printers can use it.  Get on Dan Poynters mailing list at and to keep the cost down use full color for the cover and black and white for the text.  Get some samples of travel guides you like and use them as models.  Let me know if I can help in any other way and have a great day.

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