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hi.  my name is mimi and i am trying to write a book. the thing is, i have writers block and everytime i start writing, 5 minutes later my head goes blank and i can't think of anything to write.  HELP ME PLEASE!

What you need to do is:

First get a great idea into your head, and make sure you know what is going to happen.

Plan it carefully so you know every single little detail of the book. You especially need to know the ending, writers block often happens because the writer doesn't know exactly whats going to happen so they dont know what they are working towards. If you know whats going to happen then you can drop hints at the beginning.
e.g. If there is someone who is pretending to be good but is actually a bad guy you can drop hints like that person disapearing for a while (they could be relaying information to the bad guys) or something like that.

when you start writing dont start at the beginning. when you start at the beginning you might get bored because you have to explain, who the characters are, where they are etc., and it tends to just ramble on and your inspiration fades.
Try to start writing at the climax, when the big event is about to happen, like the bad person revealing themselves, then work your way back.
Once you know the climax it is easy to work towards it and drop the hints nesessary.

Thank you for writing to me and I hope your writing all goes OK! Send me another message if you have any further questions!

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