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I am Fikria mari ,  a physics teacher in Jordan
I'd like to write a physics book.
I need your help in finding a good design (template) for my book
The design must includes (outcomes, activities, experiments, assessments, pictures and questions)
Thank you for your help
Fikria mari  

Dear Fikria mari,
Thank you for your question. It's an honor to meet you.
Rather than a template, I believe you need to make up the format yourself. You have probably read and reviewed many textbooks, so you know what makes a good textbook. You might take your five favorite text books and compile all their good points into your book, while leaving out the aspects you don't find necessary.
You have experience teaching students, so you have a feel for how to teach them. Your book will be perfect for you to use - and other teachers may find that it's perfect for them too.
A good way to get started is to use pen and paper (or keyboard) and start charting out your ideas. The human brain can only hold a limited amount of information at one time, so you have to start downloading it onto paper. The ideas will come up from inside.
A good method to use is "clustering." That's where you write down your main idea (word) in the middle of a piece of paper, circle it, then write down related words around it with spokes going off. You end up with something like a spider web of ideas. This duplicates the thinking process. We think in clusters, not linear thoughts. Once you have made a chart of all your ideas, you can turn it into an outline, sentences, paragraphs, etc.
The best book on how to use clustering is called, "Writing the natural way." I'm not sure how you would go about ordering it in Jourdan, but maybe a local library or bookstore can get it for you. Here is a link to the description at Amazon, from the link on my page for writers. See:
I hope this helps. If you want to discuss further, please write back again.

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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