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My question is more about how to approach an idea that I have regarding a subject I would like to write about. I would like to write about the experiences the soldiers encountered over in there tours to baghdad.I'm from Puerto Rico and being that it's a small island everytime one soldier from here dies it's a big issue.Most peopel don't really know what goes on over there and I would like to seize the opportunity and recolect some experiences photos  and what not of the people that have gone there and compile it all in a book.I'm pretty inexperienced when it goes to writting and I have an idea of how to go about this but what are good resources for me to go ahead and do this, and also if its a good idea?
Thank u for your time :)

Dear Natalia,
Thank you for your questions. It is a good thing to write about. We must expose the sorrows of war so that as a society we will think twice before going into another war. The "leaders" in America who started the war in Iraq have never fought in war. They jumped into it not knowing how horrible it would be. They censor photos of maimed Iraqi children and don't let journalists photograph the body bags coming back with American soldiers.
There are several ways to go about it. To start out you might take a pen and notebook and just write stream of consciousness all the thoughts you've had about the subject. If you get your thoughts down on paper then you will have more room to think about the story you want to tell.
You might write it as a narrative with interviews, or you might decide to write it as a story, tracing several individuals through the war.
At my site i have posted a Fiction Writer's Workshop you can use if you decide to write it as a novel.
Also, there's an article on how to find a publisher. This is a book that would interest a lot of people, so i encourage you to write it.
However, be aware that most books don't earn a lot of money. Of course, this isn't the type of book you would write for money, but just write it because its needed.
I hope this helps. Write back anytime.

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