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I have a problem with a character in my book. I don't if i should keep him on the side of good with elves, or make him join his father that was driven crazy by the elves. But when i think about. It sound to much like star wars. I wonder if that is wrong. And should i make him evil and end the story there, and write another, book to go with? Please help me.


I think I know why you're having a dilemma with this.  I'm guessing you're approaching it as a question of what is right for the character.

You must always think in terms of what is best for the story as a whole.  Which of those two options (or other options you have yet to think of) would cause the most tension in the story?  In other words, which option would be most likely to keep the reader dying to find out what happens next?

Yeah... it does smack of Star Wars.  Of course, Star Wars wasn't exactly original with its storyline, either.  Nevertheless, it took that father/son thing and gained ownership of it, so you might wish to re-evaluate.  Now, that doesn't mean to go with your other option.  As I implied above, there is almost always another option beyond what you've already considered.

Maybe the option for your character is not to stay on the side of the good elves... nor is it to join his mad father.  Maybe it's something entirely different.

Again... think of what is best for the storyline as a whole.  And of what would keep your readers most entertained.

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