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i have a question regarding specific sexual content. How
much is too much sex to put into a romance novel? Also,
how do you do research,i.e. where do you go for ideas?
Finally, how long (word count wise) are your works and how
long does it usually take you to complete a book? I
apologize for my many questions. Thanks for your time.  

Hi Kevin,

How much sex is too much, is determined by what market/publisher you are targeting. If you have a specific publisher you want to target, then read some books by their authors to get an idea. If you have a specific style/amount of sex you want in your stories, then you have to find a publisher who publishes the type of story you are writing.

I do most of my research online, but also use the library, local historical societies, and friends for research.

Ideas for stories just come to me. Sometimes out of the blue. Sometimes triggered by a book I'm reading, movie or tv show I'm watching, or even by real life all around me.

The length of time it takes me to finish a book varies greatly and is dependent upon how much time I have to put into it, how *into* the story I am, etc.

Thank you for your questions! I hope I've been a help!

Happy writing!

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