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I'm interested in working with a soap opera actor (Eddie Alderson)to work on web series, films, and etc. One if the ideas I have is a 10 minute reality web series where for a season we follow another soap actor/actress on their life out of the set. I'm hoping for 13 episodes. I'm looking to using a non-union skeleton crew and to shoot it guerrilla style. We only pay the crew the days we shoot and we can feed the crew food. Since I don't know the star's base salary it would have to be negotiable (I want to use the actor's sister for the first season so I don't think we would have a problem).
One of the scripted ideas I have in mind is a thirty minute serialized web series. I would like it to run for seven to thirteen episode. The tagline of this is: A teenage rape victim returns to her hometown, where she must deal with other people's prejudice and the trauma of her past. I know it's dark but all of the feedback I've gotten from it from script analysts and writer's groups have been positive. The other one is a short film I'm outlining about a young woman wanting to tell her religious family that she's gay and she enlists the help of her partner to do it. The couple faces drug use (medical marijuana), divorce, etc. Will the couple make it? I want to enlist the help of a family friend of his who is apart of the business to put this together.

The only problems I have are the following: 1. Because of the 2008 economic crash the money from my college savings account (I'd be paying him with this) is all gone and the only thing I can think of to show him that I'm serious is to physically move to Los Angeles and giving him at least 50% equity in the show(since I'm not even in this industry he would do all of the heavy lifting and at least to me that's at least 50%. But I don't know if I'm low balling him on this). 2. I have PDD-NOS (pervasive development disorder-autism) even though I'm high functioning adult I have a great deal of difficulty making friends and would need to have a support system in placed in order it to go well (I'm not expecting this to happen, but when their family lived in New York they let one of his sister's co-stars live with them temporarily for about six months. All I know that they have a precedent in this situation). 3. I don't have a lot of money. I'm willing to invest up to $1,000 of my own money to start the company; I do have relatives that have money and they could invest in the show and company (I have other ideas I want to pitch to him). My question to you is how to I do this? I know it's probably a long shot, but I want to know is how to make it sound less bad. I'm a person who is not afraid of hard work and the actor is 19 and his sister is 23 if that matters.

Brian: Congratulations on the idea(s) you have presented in your lengthy info you sent me.  Your basic idea is really sound and seems to be well thought out by you.  As I am an accountant as well as a business plan writer I wish to convey to you the absolute need to have more than sufficient capital/ MONEY in advance of starting on such an endeavor. The $1,000.00 that you have may be enough to start your company.  However you will need much more.  
      You mention that the subject of your questions to me is "Subject: how start a business plan." Yes you do need a business plan; unfortunately I as a professional business plan writer am self-employed.  That being said I  presently have 7 projects in the works with an 8th one to be, "in the hopper" so to speak tomorrow.  Therefore I am not available to assist you with your project.  I do however wish you well and hope you have tremendous success with your project.  

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