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Hi John: I am marketing/writing consultant and have recently been asked to write a business plan for a home staging business. I used to be a home stager as well so I am very familiar with this line of work and what it entails. I am trying to put together a proposal and I am wondering if you could provide me some information about typically how many hours they take to complete and what types of fees are being charged for this service today.  
Thank you.

Robin: I have been writing business plans since 1994.  A majority of my business plan fees are in the range of $2,000.00 - $3,000.00.  That reflects generally about an hourly fee of $40.00+ per hour.  As for how long it takes I would say they range, hour wise, in the 25 - 35 + hour range.  I do NOT have a standard "one fee fits all" approach.  I am very good at estimating my time needed to do the plan.
      You may contact me at johntroland@msn.com if you wish to further discuss this matter.

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John A. Troland is the founder/owner of a professional business plan preparation service. He has written many business plans for a wide variety of businesses. These plans have been utilized to successfully acquire capital for numerous businesses. In his 39th year in the field Mr. Troland is also an accountant, small business counselor and an accomplished business tv show producer of a highly acclaimed show listed in America`s most prestigious tv show listing guides. He can answer business plan related questions such as: why a business needs a business plan; how a plan is utilized; how to write your own business plan; should you write your own plan, the various sections to a business plan;how to prepare the financials part;the viability of an idea as it relates to writing a business plan; recommended books and software re: business plans and their preparation and various articles on business plans.


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Royal Ice Cream Company -successfully obtained over $400,000.00 in financing for a major business expansion; numerous other clients over the years in retail and service type businesses; current substantial business plan in progress for a retail type business for which NO idea
of it's kind can be found even on the Internet; a major business plan prepared by Mr. Troland is on a CD-rom for preparing business plans

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