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Thank you for taking my question.
Can you please tell me where I might find sample specific industries business plans? ie;Staffing Company business plan.
Also can you please refer me to where I might get help with making a informal business plan.

Thanks again ,
Marcus Goss

Marcus: Thank your for contacting me via AllExperts.  "I'm your man...YES I am!!"  I am a professional business plan writer who has written over 90 business plans over a period of some 20 + years.  I am the Principal in The Business Plan Group.
       I am happy to answer the questions you pose: Perhaps the best place to find sample business plans in indeed the internet:  type in "Sample business plans for a staffing business".  This will surely reveal a sample or two of what you are seeking.
       You may wish to pay a business plan writer to write your business plan. If that be the case I would be interested in communicating with you with the possibility of my writing YOUR business plan.  A professionally written business plan is always far superior.  I can be reached at johntroland@msn.com or 1-860-908-8598.

       Please note that our summer discount of 25% off of our regular fee expires on August 31st.

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John A. Troland is the founder/owner of a professional business plan preparation service. He has written many business plans for a wide variety of businesses. These plans have been utilized to successfully acquire capital for numerous businesses. In his 39th year in the field Mr. Troland is also an accountant, small business counselor and an accomplished business tv show producer of a highly acclaimed show listed in America`s most prestigious tv show listing guides. He can answer business plan related questions such as: why a business needs a business plan; how a plan is utilized; how to write your own business plan; should you write your own plan, the various sections to a business plan;how to prepare the financials part;the viability of an idea as it relates to writing a business plan; recommended books and software re: business plans and their preparation and various articles on business plans.


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Royal Ice Cream Company -successfully obtained over $400,000.00 in financing for a major business expansion; numerous other clients over the years in retail and service type businesses; current substantial business plan in progress for a retail type business for which NO idea
of it's kind can be found even on the Internet; a major business plan prepared by Mr. Troland is on a CD-rom for preparing business plans

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