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Does novels reading help in screenwriting?  I read scripts,watch movies a lot but didn't read a novel yet.

There's an old saying that "Novels are about what people think, plays are about what people say, movies are about what people do." There's a lot of truth in that; a novel can get inside a character's mind like no other art form. Would it benefit you as a screenwriter to learn how great writers get inside people's minds? I'd say so. True, you would have to translate that into the language of the screen, but that merely means you'll be exercising your mental muscles. As you read a novel, ask yourself whether it would make a good movie. If so, why? If not, why not? And if you were assigned to make it into a movie regardless, how would you do it?

That all said, there's one more argument for reading novels. It couldn't hurt!

Hope this helps.


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