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I've seen many films and I recentally reach on a conclusion that films which are longer than 2 hours, all are great. Take any like" Titanic, Godfather, Saving Private Ryan, Lord of the Ring, Die Hard, Inception, Terminator 2 the judgment day, Star Wars, Jurassic Park,Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Shawshank Redemption, Shindler's list, The Dark Night, Pulp Fiction and many more. I want to know why any film written that lasts for less than 2 hours has less chances to be a great movie while everyove knows that screenplay length should be under 2 hours or 120 pages(80 to 120 pages) ? What you say about it?

Okay first of all, film length has nothing to do with how great a film is. If anything, a longer the film has the possibility of making the audience restless. Not to say that there is a attention span problem. But on the other side of the fence, many screenwriters are told not to make their film longer than two hours. We try to tell our story in as short amount of time as possible. Any longer and it seems like your story may have extra substance that may need to be trimmed or cut.

As for the films above, some of them spent a good amount of time setting up the world of the film. Most sci-fi or historical films or period pieces have to do this.  

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