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I read many websites related to screenwriting and I've noticed they were contradictory about many aspects. This is why I believe you can really explain things more clearly. Thank you for reading and answering!
1)Can you sell a screenplay if you don't live in Los Angeles or United States?
I've read on some websites that you don't, but others say you absolutely must live or move there.
2)Do you need to have an agent or a manager?
3)Are studios and producers really interested in getting new works, or they would rather not receive them as they pursue their own projects?
4) I would like to apologize for asking this following question, but this is perhaps the most confusing one I've encountered, and many people ask it: How much money can a screenwriter expect to win if he manages to sell his work? There are some who say you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars and even millions for just a single screenplay. Others dismiss this and say you shouldn't expect more than a few hundred dollars. Which of these is real?

Hi Victor,

1.  I met a woman while hiking in the Cloud Forest in Ecuador.
She lived in a beautiful house built into the jungle.  She was
a screenwriter.

2.  An agent and a manager are your best bests.  That doesn't
mean you won't have to continue trying to sell your screenplays
on your own.  It just means you'll have more help doing it.

3.  New works are always sought by producers and studios
because they are always looking for unique and fresh takes
on genres and stories.

4.  The only reason a screenwriter does not get paid thousands
of dollars for their screenplays is if they allow someone to buy
them for little or no money.  Otherwise, the sky is the limit, but
that's not saying it is easy to accomplish.

I hope this is of help to you.

Best Regards,

Donald L. Vasicek

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