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hello sir

please I found some international competitions for screenplay writing , this competition required that the screenplay to be on English , I m live on Egypt[t writing my screen play with Arabic and want to enter those competition , it is barely to translate each sentence on the script on English specially that the script may reach 250 page or more (100 scenes or more) , so can you know or recommend a software programs name capable me to covert my Arabic screenplay to English one time or at least each scene automatically

thanks and best

Mr. Ossama,

First of all, I am not sure any competition would welcome a screenplay over 120 pages.  At 250 pages, your screenplay sounds as though you need extensive editing.

Second of all, there are commercial translation software available but there is no software uniquely suiting for screenplays.  This situation leaves you with translating each line.  I would be careful with doing that as American/English idiom is full of terms that are not directly translatable from any other language and vice versa.

Also, I do not know of any service that does that sort of translation.  You could try contacting The Writers Store and see what services they offer.

Good luck with the competition.


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