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Hello Roger. I am sending out a query letter for representation for two of my screenplays, a romantic comedy, and a revenge driven drama.  Is it proper to pitch both screenplays in the same query letter?  Should the titles of the screenplays in the verbage of the letters be underlined, in quotes, or capitalized?  Also, since I am mailing the query letters should I sign them?  Thank you very much.  Dave

Dave, ordinarily I would recommend sticking to one topic, project or script per query. In my opinion it's best to refrain from splitting someone's attention, or making it seem as if your "one project" is your "one passion project." But this is a different story: it's about representation. Agents and managers know you've written many things, and to them, your scripts aren't necessarily the product: YOU are. So sure, go ahead and pitch both, but be succinct.

As far as style goes there are no rules. Nowadays I like to use italics for screenplays with no quotes. But quotes without italics is okay too. Capitals are acceptable, but nowadays seems like yelling. Stay away from underlining.

Yes, sign your letters if they're on paper. (I sign them digitally even if they're just PDF attachments. The only thing I don't sign is email.)

Hope this helps. Feel free to follow up.


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