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May I ask this question?

Is it alright not to appreciate 'great films'? I mean, is it normal for a screenwriter, even an excellent one, to love some films but not other films, which are considered as classic films? Is it human to be in that situation, or all excellent screenwriters would appreciate those in the canon?

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No, it is not all right for a dedicated screenwriter to not appreciate "great" films. Now, before you throw your computer across the room and vow to hunt me down, hear me!

I'm using "appreciate" to mean what the dictionary says it means: to recognize the full value of the something; to understand it. If films have withstood the test of time and are still held up as objects of art to be praised, a serious screenwriter must, whenever possible, see them, read their screenplays, ruminate over them, and recognize their full value.

That is apart and separate from liking them, enjoying them, approving of them. Believe you me, there are plenty of "classic" movies I don't care for. But I do try my best to appreciate them. After all, they most likely, on an objective basis, provide one or more elements of great value. But I still don't like them.

The bonus to taking this approach is that, in some cases, your opinion changes! I disliked "Animal House" for many years after I first saw it. Lately, my opinion has changed. I now like it. And in between, I always appreciated it.

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