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Hi John
I am a big fan of paranormal TV shows. Maybe that's because I had a few paranormal experiances myself! In fact, some of mine are much more interesting (scary) than what I have seen. I realise that a lot of these 'real life' encounters, such as on shows like 'A Haunting' are screen written. How do I go about contacting the producers /writers, to see if they are interested in my experiances?


A simple answer is that you can post your request for expressing your experiences on screenwriter sites such as Stage32.  You also try reading the credits at the end of the shows and see who the production company and principals are.  You could then look up those companies/people and email them.

I have a question for you.  What do you want to do with the experiences?  Meaning, are you seeking just an outlet for your stories or do you want to sell your experiences?

If the former, you can build your own blog and write your experiences down.  If the later, you will have to write down your experiences as though they were stories, register those stories with the Writers Guild, and pitch them.

Just be aware that all of those shows are scripted out before the production company ever starts filming.  So, you need to get involved as early as possible with any production company producing these kinds of shows.

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