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How do you suppose to write a great short film? What are the elements? How do I breakdown the script? What type of camera should I use? What film crew do I need?


How do you suppose to write a great short film?
You mean, 'How are you supposed to write a great short film?'  The same way you write a script for any film.  You start with a great idea.  I am not trying to be trivial.  Any idea can be as expansive as a young boy with piloting skills is threatened by a gigantic space empire and defeats the evil emperor or as simple as two unknown people meet on a bridge in current times and pull out swords to battle over a bottle filled with the essence of humanity.

What are the elements?
The elements of a great story or the elements of a script?  In either case, there is not enough room here to write out the answer to that question. has many classes you can take at a reasonable cost.

How do I breakdown the script?
Script breakdown begins with looking at each scene and knowing what the scene is about, what actors are in the scene, and how you intend to film the scene.  You continue in complexity by knowing what the costumes are, what the props are, and where the lighting is coming from.

What type of camera should I use?
Not trying to be facetious, but the camera that works best for you.  Digital or film?  Both have there advantages and disadvantages.

What film crew do I need?
To answer this, I would need to know what film you are making.  At a minimum, you are going to need a camera person, sound person, assistant director, and a production assistant.  More as necessary.  Mix and match as necessary.

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